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Versatile Mage

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Versatile Mage
Chapter 2013 – Eagle Nest Kindergarten consist possible
The cellar were built with a higher roof. Mo Fanatic could see very small stats traveling by air all around, them all screeching in pleasure.
The Frosty Historic Eagles finally left behind the cave thirty minutes later on, completed buying dinner time.
Mo Supporter appeared around and found a peek at a woman Frosty Ancient Eagle flapping its wings and hovering looking at a compact crack.
“I believe we’ve located their kindergarten,” Mo Supporter murmured.
Mo Enthusiast had taken a close look and understood they had been all fledglings that had yet to build their feathers. Even though they were actually flying approximately, these were unbelievable like youngsters which had only acquired to walk.
Apas suddenly observed a thing as they quite simply handled the pond. She blurted out, “Did you can see anything s.h.i.+ny there, similar to a stone?”
Mo Admirer had a closer inspection and discovered these folks were all fledglings who had yet to flourish their feathers. While they ended up piloting approximately, people were astonishing like children who had only acquired just to walk.
It looked such as an ice cubes cellar. A ray of sunshine have been mirrored plenty of periods through the ice cubes, in the role of the sole cause of mild within the cellar.
“Apas, search in that area are those eagle chicken eggs?” Mo Enthusiast appeared further and saw a skinny tier of ice.
“It’s so dim. Will it be risky?” Mu Ningxue was worried.
“I’m pondering choosing a appearance down there,” Mo Fanatic clarified.
Mo Fanatic followed the path Apas was directing to and saw a rock moving around in a fast tempo.
Mo Lover was confused.
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The Frosty Old Eagles really enjoyed staying at high alt.i.tudes and really enjoyed the blue colored skies as well, therefore the food items storage space had not been guarded all the time. Hardly any group inside the Scar of Tianshan Mountain / hill would dare to swipe their meal!
Mo Enthusiast appeared about and stuck a peek at a girl Frosty Ancient Eagle flapping its wings and hovering when in front of a little break.
It flew over to the rear of the feminine eagle and sat down there.
Mo Lover was overjoyed.
Mo Admirer drew Apas into his Contracted s.p.a.ce without waiting around for her authorization. Then he become a dark colored shadow and flowed around the tunnel, that had been only adequate enough to fit an eagle fledgling.
The tunnel was quite long, and it got Mo Admirer a long time before he gotten to an cracking open.
As opposed to the hatched fledglings, the other ovum were definitely put into an organized method inside a pit filled with soiled water, then closed that has a slender layer of an ice pack. The chicken eggs were definitely like pebbles in the bottom of your iced lake.
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“I feel sorry for Hayes. They dragged him away like that…”
“What’s completely wrong?” Mu Ningxue questioned when she spotted Mo Supporter acting suspiciously.
The cellar possessed a significant ceiling. Mo Fan could see tiny numbers soaring around, each of them screeching in delight.
The rock was not relocating naturally, a little bit creature was positioning it having its mouth. They can not view it at first due to lack of gentle!
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